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About Safety Devices, Inc.

Serving the entire globe, Safety Devices Inc. manufactures specialized electronic blasting equipment. Our clients range from the United States Military, E.O.D. Units, Mining sites,   Hollywood film crews and customers overseas who all benefit from our high quality products offered at highly competitive prices.  As the OEM of all the products we sell, most of our items may also be customized to further suit your particular needs. 
(M.S.H.A. registered items  may not be altered and still maintain their certification)
All products are made in the U.S.A. and carry a minimum one year warranty.

We provide solutions for the safe operation of your business, including long distance radio remote blasting systems, M.S.H.A. Approved meters, and a lightning detection / advance storm warning system that satisfies the protection requirements of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Mines, and OSHA.


Popular Products :

  • SD-500 Radio Remote Blasting Systems   
    Secured long range detonation control.
    Uses ordinary 5 Watt UHF/VHF Transceivers.
    Powerful 10 W/S output capability for feeding converters or other initiators.
    User selectable R.F. Frequencies for interference free operation.
    User selectable firing codes for increased security and versatility.
  • Lightning Detection and Advance Storm Warning System SD-250B
    Long distance lightning detection with built in audio/visual alarm and
    selectable alarm settings  from 100 miles, 50, 25, and 10 miles.  
    Easily controls external sirens, lights, and alarms.
  • Blaster's Analog and Digital M.S.H.A.  Approved Ohmmeters including the
    SD-103 Analog Meter, SD-104 Digital Meter, and SD-105 Economy Digital Meter.
    These meters all use common alkaline batteries and all carry a 5 year warranty
  • SD-88B VIPER This Shock Tube Starter converts your existing electric
    blasting machine for Non-Electric use. Also fires Mil-Spec detonators. (Mk-24)
    This product carries a 5 year warranty.
  • Ten models of electronic blasting controls including the SD-15 and SD-15A
    pocket sized 10 w/s units (each carries a 5 year warranty), the SD-225C
    and the SD-450C high powered units.
  • SD-260A This is the familiar mechanical siren and sound everyone recognizes, built into a waterproof case. Very loud 110 dB.

SD-489R Battery
               225 Volt  550 mAh   Fits all SD-450 and SD-225 Machines.
                                                  Fits all VME-450 and VME-225 Machines.

               SD-4X490R Battery
               360 Volt  550 mAh   Fits all DuPont
S  CD-32 Series machines. *


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Ordering Products, Product Refurbishing,                                                        Repairs, Recalibration, or Certification :

To place an order or to inquire about any of our products or services please e-mail us or you may call us at the number listed below. If you are unable to reach us directly please leave a message. Please send any items needing attention to the address below :

Safety Devices, Inc.
1444 Jeffreys Rd #307
Rocky Mount, NC 27804




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